Has Anyone Seen My Pants? by Sarah Colonna

51gi8snv83l-_sy344_bo1204203200_I had disproportionately high hopes for this book. I bought it on a Kindle special for 1.99, and I guess for that, I got my money’s worth. I recall enjoying Colonna’s first book Life as I Blow It much better, but I also read that book in my mid twenties when I was doing a lot of what she was doing, and what she continues to do in Pants.

I guess the book’s title and cover should have been a clue-in that this sort of stuff isn’t really for me (anymore). Maybe I really have grown up, and I’m about ten years younger than Colonna. I adored Sex and the City when I was in my early twenties (still do!), but I am, frankly, relieved that I experienced my “singlehood” in my twenties. I also  hope that chapter of my life is over. Pants was like a sad trip down memory lane, reminding me of all the craziness and embarrassment of dating, no matter who you are. For the record, I certainly I don’t condemn Colonna for her promiscuity, I applaud her candor and her owning who she is. I was a slut once, too.

But: I grew up, I guess. My priorities now center around watching critically-acclaimed TV dramas with my boyfriend, working on my undergrad degree and slaving at the 9-5 corporate job that pays my health insurance and for my tattoo and handbag collection. While there’s nothing wrong with being single in one’s thirties, I really think that’s who would best enjoy this book. I was hoping (based on many, many five-star reviews) that it would be laugh-out-loud fantastic, but I only chuckled a couple of times. It’s an easy read and not exactly boring. But it certainly didn’t enrich my life, teach me anything, or really, truly make me “lol.” With a title like “have you seen my pants?” I was hoping for at least that.

Bottom line: C-


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